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The Collective provides community that is conducive to connectivity, spiritual growth, and creativity.

This environment is provided THROUGH worship events, faith-based RELATIONSHIPS, performanceS, creative workshops, and charity.


The Collective was born as a house-show on the Northwest side of San Antonio in 2018. After more than a year of prayer, planning, and effort, The Collective now offers original content, monthly worship events, weekly creative workshops, and a consistent heartbeat of charity; all coming alongside our monthly shows that are known for their supportive environment.


If you are looking for christ centered community, or an environment where creativity and friendship can grow tremendously, then

The Collective is the community for you.


Collective Shows

Enjoy talented local artists, get your hands on some dope locally created merchandise from any of our vendors, and get plugged in to our creative community.

Open Mic

Songwriter? Performer? Poet? Get some exposure! Producer or Studio Engineer? find your next client! Get some stage time and get plugged into our community. Vendors welcome!

Nomadic Worship

Meet Jesus without the church walls and pews through authentic worship and identity-giving gospel . Come to our main event or to any of our popups around the city!


SA Creatives

While not formally part of The Collective, We highly recommend this community! If you are Looking for something a little smaller that meets more regularly Hit up The SA Creatives Weekly workshops! These gatherings are designed to cultivate your creativity and surround you with community. Designed  for photographers, videographers, musicians, models, and anything in between!


Collective Content

Contact Us!

We will respond within 48 hours!


How to Donate:

If you are interested in supporting us and our mission, please click the "Donate Now" link next to this paragraph.

Donations Help us hire security officers for our events, promote creatives, & create More opportunities!

All donations to The Collective are funneled through our parent-non-profit Quarry Kingdom Development.


Nomadic Worship

(210) 854 - 3840

  • YouTube
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The Collective

(210) 854 - 3840

  • YouTube
  • Instagram

SA Creatives

(210) 286 - 1735

  • YouTube
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